The Phuc Nguyen

The Phuc Nguyen is the fellow of ESR1. He obtained his B.S. with the thesis carried out at Oxford University Clinical Research Unit. He later joined Pasteur Institute in Ho Chi Minh City and worked in the field of microbiology and immunology. He was awarded the scholarship of European Union’s Erasmus Mundus to follow the Joint Master Degree in Infectious Diseases and One Health at Université de Tours (France), Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (Spain) and the University of Edinburgh (UK) and finished the master thesis at Institut Pasteur de Lille INSERM 1019 (France) for the project of drug development. Interestingly, his both master’s and doctoral degree have been supported by European Union’s programs.

His previous experience with microbiology, immunology, biochemistry and infectious diseases would be an advantage for his project ENDONADO’s ESR1 which aims to develop new cell-based assays for LPS detection. During the project starting from 01/2020, he will spend his first 18 months at Institute of Biochemistry and Cell Biology – National Research Council of Italy (IBBC-CNR, Naples, Italy) to identify the sensitivity and specificity of recognition / response between human primary cells and different LPS as well as the role of receptors and coreceptors in LPS detection. Basing on the obtained results from IBBC-CNR, in his later 18 months at Diagnosticum zrt (Budapest, Hungary), he will set up different tests and develop new cell-based assays to detect LPS. The Whole Blood Assay and Macrophage Activation Test will be also refined. He will collaborate with other fellows of ENDONANO to validate the new NP-based and molecular biosensor-based tests. During the training, he will have his 2 secondments at  Miltenyi Biotec GMBH, Germany ands Blusense Diagnosis ApS in Copenhagen,, Denmark.